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The Land of Dreamers Livejournal

Dedicated to the music of Marcus Foster, Bobby Long & Sam Bradley

The Land of Dreamers
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The first official fan site of Bobby Long, Marcus Foster, and Sam Bradley

The Land of Dreamers was created to follow the journey of three amazing artists... Bobby Long, Sam Bradley and Marcus Foster.

Join us to follow their careers and watch their dreams become a reality.

» Bobby's MySpace » Marcus's MySpace » Sam's MySpace

We don't have many rules here...

» No off topic posts. Try and keep all posts Bobby, Sam, Marcus or Land of Dreamers related.

» No posting links to their music that has been illegally downloaded. The guys have started to release their songs on iTunes and their EPs are available at their shows. We know that most of their songs are out there in the world wide web and what you do outside the community is none of our business, but please refrain from posting links in the community.

Music that is allowed
» Fan-made videos that have their music in the background
» Links to pages that contain playlists that include their music
» Any links to music that the guys released for us to download.

Check out our links page for a list of all the sites that we have found that have their music streaming for your listening pleasure.

» Fangirling is not recommended. The guy's and their management do frequent the pages of this journal...so don't post anything that might cause you embarrassment down the road.

» Anyone who disrupts the peace of our community will be banned...let's play nice people!

» Visit our rules post for more information.

We always have contests going on in the community. Icon contests, writing contests, design contests. Prizes range from personalized icons and LJ Gift Certificates to hand made gifts donated from members. You can click the contests link on our journal to see which contests are currently running.

Your lovely mods;
allisfair, thaifer, lying_solitude

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