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I am going to be focusing on updating all of our affiliates this weekend! I have some big plans for our affiliates that I wanted to share with everyone!

First off, we will affiliate with any site that is interested in helping us promote Bobby Long, Sam Bradley and Marcus Foster. What kind of help do we need? I need to know that I can count on you to post big announcements! You do not need to repost everything in our comm but I want to be able to mass email you guys and know that you will do your best to announce or promote whatever that email is about.

ie: We just did Mockingbird Wednesday last week. I emailed the affiliates I had set up with the details and they posted them to their sites for us...mass exposure to certain events we have in store. That is what we are looking for.

If you are interested and willing to do this for us, we will do the following for you! =)

We are going to start a weekly affiliate promotion post. One post that will list all upcoming events for your community or site! All you need to do is email me whenever you need us to promote something and we will add it to our weekly post!

I need all of our affiliates to fill out the following survey and send it to me in an email.

Name of site:
Name of main contact:
Main contact email:
Name of secondary contact:
Secondary contact email:
Web Address (if any):
LiveJournal URL:
MySpace URL:
Twitter URL:
Any other sites:
Are you willing to promote our guys on your site(s)?
Tell us more about your site(s):

The Land of Dreamers will follow you on Twitter and add your MySpace page (if any) to our top friends. We ask that you do the same thing. I will also personally add your LiveJournal community to my FList and encourage our members to do the same! You will also have your links on our Website, LiveJournal Profile page and our MySpace.

Elite Affilates program

This program is for the sites out there that are willing to go above and beyond for our guys. This level of affiliates will have screencaps of their sites on our website and banner room on our site once that is up and running. This affiliation is for the sites that have already proved to us that they are Team Land of Dreamers by helping us out behind the scenes, setting up sites of their own for the guys and have gone out of their way to promote The Land of Dreamers and the guys on their sites. If you are interested in this level of affiliation, please fill out the survey and send me a button and a banner for your sites...and I will let you know what this level actually entails.

Note: Even if you are already affiliates with us, I still need you to fill out the survey. I am all disorganized and having trouble figuring out who goes with what site...which LJ comm's are with what website...basically its just a mess on my end. So, please fill this out right away and email it to me! K thx! Love ya!

Any questions, either post them in the comments here or PM/email me directly.

Here is all of our site information for you to have too!

Name of site: The Land of Dreamers
Name of main contact: Lizzy
Main contact email:
Name of secondary contact: Lacey
Secondary contact email:
Web Address (if any):
LiveJournal URL:
MySpace URL:
Twitter URL:
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