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Hello! I was just wondering if there was a fan mail address for Bobby out there. I have something I would like to send him (a painting and a note) but am unsure if that is frowned upon or doable. Obviously I'm not looking for type of personal address or anything. Please let me know if such a thing exists. And I'm not sure if this post is ok, so please delete it if it's not. Thanks a lot : )!
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Overwhelmed with emotions...

12.12.08...I started this Land of Dreamers thing on LiveJournal...a community for Bobby, Sam and Marcus fans...a place where we can unite through the power of music...I had no expectations...I just wanted to do something fun. All I wanted to do was to help spread the word about these musicians. What I received in return was greater than anything my crazy imagination could think of. My little site became a part of these musician's journey. I found myself traveling all over America to work along side the guys and meet up with other loyal fans...and in turn, I had some of the most incredible moments of my life. Concerts, amazing new friends, after parties filled with stories that I can laugh about for years to come (and some stories that I will take with me to my grave)...I was welcomed with open arms into their world. There was alot of work on my part too...hours upon hours online working on the sites, meeting with other members trying to make every aspect of the LoD work smoothly. There were ups and downs along the way, but never in a million years will I look back on those moments with regret. I, along with a group of other devoted members, created something so powerful...so extraordinary...we were all so passionate about our site and these 3 musicians. Their music is the true reason for their successes...but the bond between their fans is 100% because of sites like ours. 2009 was an incredible year for many people...and even though we all slowly let our real life regain the driver seat again, still to this day, I can pick up the phone and call any one of the many, many people I met along the way and talk for hours about anything and everything. We still meet up for shows...we still find ourselves traveling back to our favorite towns *Nashville* and reliving the memories we shared there...we have made lifetime friendships through their music and I know that I speak on behalf of all of us when I say that we will forever be grateful for that.

Sam, Bobby, Marcus...it has been a life changing experience watching you conquer your dreams. It's been an amazing ride...and the journey is no where near complete. Cheers to your successes and may there be many more to come. You have brought me so much as well...a suburban girl who thought that her big adventures were in her past has grabbed the world by the horns and has enjoyed the ride ever since. You have inspired me to reach for greatness...to push fear to the side and try new things...I am a different person because of all 3 of you...and I will be forever grateful for that.

Lizzy x